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About Us


Concern Nepal(CN) has existed for social welfare works required by this society since its foundation in 2008. It focuses mainly physical, educational, social and health aspects. Started taking care of poor, backward, disabled orphans' children and provides scholarship for quality education to children who are intelligent, diligent, devoted and interested in studying but have a very poor economic background.

Concern Nepal (CN) began actively working in 2009 with a survey on the situation of disable children in the Baglung district with the project SEAD (Special Education Assistant for DISABLED) Its principal purpose is to be an advocator for disabled children and their social and natural living environment in Nepal. It assists and protects underprivileged and working children living in very difficult circumstances.

Concern Nepal (CN) believes the disadvantaged need opportunities not charity and provides financial and non-financial support to development-oriented organizations working at the grassroots level to bring about positive change.

Concern Nepal (CN) aim is to make every disadvantaged individual self-reliant, creating a society of independent people living with dignity. Concern Nepal (CN) was officially registered at the District Administration Office of Nepal Government under Company Registration Act, 2034 and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council under the Women, Children and Social Welfare Ministry.

Concern Nepal (CN) is …. Vision, Mission & Goal

Concern Nepal (CN) Vision, Mission & Overall goal are linked logically to each other: achieving the Overall goal through successfully implementing the programme activities, will enable progress towards support achieving the Mission & Vision.


A society which respects the rights & dignity of people with disabilities and those who are marginalized & disadvantaged, and which gives them the opportunity to fulfill their potential on an equal basis.


Concern Nepal(CN) mission is to ensure sustainable social development as education facility, health care, community development, income generating programs for improved quality life of marginalized group & people with disabilities, including women and those from dalit, ethnic & disadvantaged communities, seeking the fulfillment of their human rights and empowerment.
Concern Nepal (CN) also works with I/NGO's, govenrnment and private sector locally, regionally & nationally to assist in the area of Special Education for the disabled children in Nepal.
Concern Nepal (CN) is a non-political, secular and non profit making organisation that works in a participatory way with its beneficiaris, and so together creating opportunities for them to increase participation in society at all levels.


To improve the daily and future quality of life of the taget group so that they live as ordinarily and independently as possible, in their communities and can access basic rights such as education, health care and a livelihood.


  • To assist in financial, educational, social and physical aspects to the poor, backwards and other disabled children.
  • To run inclusive education class for disable students according to "I Love Nepal" vision in the Holy Child School, Baglung
  • To run some public awareness program necessarily in the community.
  • To organize the program on the memory of great national and international personalities on their birth-days.
  • To establish various culture exchange network through internationalization of volunteers' activities.
  • To conserve art and culture by mitigating the evils seen in the society.
  • To assist helpless, parentless and war-victimized children.
  • To run meeting, conference, seminar, discussion or orientation.
  • To help in case of unexpected and sudden accidents in the society by raising a fund.
  • To publish book, website or memorandum.


Membership fees.
Donations by national and international persons and organizations.
Renewal fees.
The interest from the entire amount balanced in a bank.


The working area will be limited all over Baglung district. The branches of the organization can be extended throughout the country.


We have been recognized by the following authority:

  • Government of Nepal, Home Ministry, District Administration Office, Baglung (Regd. No. 622/065/66)
  • Social Welfare Council (SWC Aff. No. 25777)
  • District Development Committee (Regd. No 065)
  • Government of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department ( Pan No: 303752965)
CN-Saving & Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.

Introduction: Concern Nepal Saving and Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., (CN-SACCOS) was established by the members of Concern NEPAL (CN) Baglung on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 (1st. Kartik 2068) with the aim to provide financial support in the quick and easy process to the small business enterprises and industries. It provides various saving schemes to the depositors with the attractive interest rates. This will definitely help to enhance the economic status of its members as well as for the development of the nation. We will be very happy to receive comments and suggestions from your side so that we can better improve our services.


Teachers Training On Special Education

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